Wheelersburg Raceway

2013 Points will be updated on www.rcpointsmanager.com

Select Wheelersburg Raceway under track

Select 2013 Wheelersburg under series

Then click show points.


For anyone finishing 11th place and beyond - add 1 point for that finish as this program will not give points past 10th place.  All points are kept accurately - we are just using this program for racers to be able to access results any time.


Here is how points are given:
1st - 10 points
2nd - 9 points
3rd - 8 points
4th - 7 points
5th - 6 points
6th - 5 points
7th - 4 points
8th - 3 points
9th - 2 points
10th and beyond 1 point

You must finish the feature to receive points.