Wheelersburg Raceway

2013 rules

  1. No consumption of alcoholic beverages or drugs on the premises.
  2. No rough driving on the track.  No fighting in the pits or on the track.  Driver is responsible for pit crews and will be held liable.  Violation of these rules can result in Disqualification for the night, 2 wk ejection or rest of year or permanent.  No refunds.
  3. Track officials have final say in all matters.  Do not stop or come on the track to complain, you will be sent home. 
  4. All drivers meetings are mandatory.
  5. NO driving of the karts in the pits at any time.
  6. If caught cheating you will be disqualified-no refunds.
  7. Full body cover, racing suit (recommended) or jacket of leather or abrasion resistant material, full length jeans, neck brace, gloves and acceptable WKA helmet with face shield required at all times.  If caught with a helmet not fastened, you are disqualified for the night.
  8. Maximum of 12 karts in all features.  Driver is allowed to race in two classes per night.
  9. We run a consolation race if there are more that 14 karts in a class.  This will run after the heat races.
  10. Finishes of the 2 heat races will determine the feature line up.
  11. In order to receive points or money you must finish the race feature.
  12. You must know when it's your turn to race.  You must be on time and be ready to race.
  13. Once a class has been released on the track the race will be held up 2 laps to let all karts start.  You must be in the grid trying to start. To one can enter after green flag has flown.   Once you leave the track, you may not re-enter. 
  14. All weights must be painted white.
  15. If you stop under green or yellow you will go to the tail unless you stopped to avoid an accident.
  16. If a driver spins out and intentionally causes a restart , he will be disqualified.(flagman's decision)
  17. Every kart must complete one lap without caution or there will be a complete restart.  After 2 attempts, we will go single file.
  18. Driver or crew will not be allowed to work on karts on the track, unless permitted by officials.
  19. Drivers must shut off engines before approaching the scales.  Do not drive across scales!!!
  20. No bumping or rough driving will be tolerated!!! 
  21. Must have 4 visible number plates.  Front, back and both sides.  Number should be 6" tall.
  22. All karts must have a looped rear bumper, must cover 3/4 of back tires.
  23. Anyone entering the pits must pay admission.  Anyone caught not paying will leave and not come back. 
  24. All steering components and brake components must be cotter keyed or safety pinned.
  25. All axles must be cotter keyed, safety pinned or snap ringed.
  26. Nothing can protrude past outside edge of tires on any kart.
  27. Steering fairings must be mounted 3" from steering wheel.  Not allowed in plated classes.
  28. No radios of any kind.
  29. Once the racing program is complete the track will be closed for the evening.
  30. No cash refunds after hot laps have started.  After both heats and it's a rain out-We have the right to pay out according to feature line up. Weather permitting, we have the right to race one heat and feature.
  31. Red flag - please don't come out on track.
  32. Not responsible for accidents of any kind or stolen or damaged items.
  33. Must race at least 60% of the season in your points class to qualify for points awards.   The class must be ran 60% of season to be considered a points class.  Not all classes are points classes.
  34. If you lose something (fuel cap, neck collar, etc) you are disqualified for that event.
  35. We do not allow coolers, outside food, pop of any kind.  This is how we pay the bills.
  36. If you have an injury, you must fill out an accident report the same night  in order  to be covered on insurance.
  37. If you jump the start, you will be charged with a caution.  
  38. Every kart must leave on their 2nd caution.
  39. $75 protest in stock classes.  Must be in top 3 to protest.
  40. Any slick Burris tire in effect for 2012.