Wheelersburg Raceway

2020 CLASSES    

 1~  AKRA Rookie (red plate):

          Age:  5-8 years. Must bring a copy of birth certificate for us to keep on file.

          Weight-250 lbs minimum

          Engine-AKRA box stock red plate motor rules apply.  Must use a weenie pipe.                    All other AKRA tech rules apply. Drum clutch.

          No steering fairing 

           Tach that is NOT visible to driver


 2~  AKRA Jr 1 (green plate):

           Age: 8-10. Must bring a copy of birth certificate for us to keep on file.

           Engine-AKRA box stock motor with a weenie pipe. All other AKRA tech rules                      apply. Drum clutch.

           No steering fairing

           Weight-265 lbs. minimum


 3~  AKRA Jr 2 (purple plate):

           Age: 10-12. Must bring a copy of birth certificate for us to keep on file.

           Engine-AKRA box stock. AKRA tech rules apply. Open clutch and pipe.

           Weight-290 Lbs. minimum         


 4~  AKRA Jr 3 (blue plate):

             Age: 12-15. Must bring a copy of birth certificate for us to keep on file.

             Engine-AKRA box stock. AKRA tech rules apply. Open clutch and pipe.

            Weight- 320 Lbs. minimum



5~  AKRA Lite:

           Age: 15 and older


           Weight- 325 lbs. minimum 


 6~  AKRA Medium:      

           Age: 15 and up


          Weight- 350 lbs. minimum


7~ AKRA Heavy:  

           Age: 15 and up


        Weight-375 lbs minimum 


8~ AKRA Super Heavy: 

            Age: 15 and up


         Weight-400 lbs, driver must weigh at least 200lbs without weight                    added. 


9~Box Stock Predator:

      Age: 15yrs and up

        Engine: Harbor Freight 212cc Predator


2020 rules, you can utilize A or B: Rule A: stock Ohio predator motor, no added weight, Stock air breather, stock muffler and 31 jet. 5500 rev rule applies.

Rule B: $150 claim rule or $75 and your motor(do to availability of motors at this time) First place can choose. Second place has first option to claim, if not interested it goes to third and so on. You must be on lead lap and finish to claim. If you refuse claim, you are not allowed back for two racing weeks. If motor is claimed, all you get is the motor, not clutch, chain guard or top engine plate. Motor must have stock muffler, stock cam, stock air filter and 31 jet. No aftermarket flywheel.  Must have a drum clutch and 87 octane fuel. weight is 375lbs

 2021 rules: Ohio predator

 *Non Hemi or Hemi 

*Disconnect low oil sensor

• You MAY but not required to remove gas tank and replace with top plate, fu00 pump, and pulse off of valve cover.
• Any fuel line in relation to fuel delivery must be securly clamped or zip tied.
• You may drill a 1/4" hole in gas cap to vent if utilizing stock gas tank.
• All other parts must remain stock and in tact.
• No other alterations or modifications are allowed.
☆ 5500 free rev rpm rule (will be checked on kart stand).
• $150 claim rule for karts that finished on the lead lap.
☆ Max main carb jet rule of .031. A no go .032 tech tool will be used.
☆ Drum shoe clutch only.
☆ Chain guard is mandatory.
☆Valve spring
- OEM Factory springs allowed
- Replacement springs may not exceed 10.8 lbs spring test.
- Springs must stand straight.
☆ Any single electrode spark plug.
☆ Only 87 octane pump gas is permitted. Any other fuel or additive is prohibited.
☆ Pull starter must be present and remain stock.

        Weight: 375lbs 



10~Box Stock Predator

       Age: 15 and up

         Engine: 212cc 2 valve OHV.    

         Rules: Check class #9

        Weight: 400lbs 


11~ UAS/Open:

       Age-15 and up

       Engine- One engine, No tire or muffler rule. Safety applies.      


 12~Stock Appearing

           Engine; any 6.5 hp 196 or 212 cc factory clone or predator. Engine bracing is allowed within reason.  Engine must remain stock appearing externally, carburetor must remain stock appearing for that motor from 5 ft away, NO aftermarket racing carburetor allowed(no 390's or tilly's).  Header allowed as long as it is inside the rear bumper, no billet heads, aftermarket breather assembly is allowed. Must run a billet flywheel. Clutch; any drum or disc clutch is legal. No wedge bodies. Electric start is allowed. Open slick tires for 2020. May change in 2021.

           Fuel; any gas or alcohol

           Weight - 350 lbs

           Age-16 and up

 13~Small Block Open


              Engine; Any OHV small block engine. Clone 196cc, Predator 212cc,                            Animal, Yamaha and flathead.

                    Open clutch, open tire, no billet head, open carb, flat or                                 wedge body, recoil starter or starter box, no jackshafts, must                         have flange or collar on end of exhaust pipe or muffler, no deck                       extensions, flat karts only, must have a chain guard, no 2                               strokes allowed. 

                               One refire of the engine after the green flag is taken.


                Age-18 and up 


*ALL classes are Burris tire only (only exception is UAS/open Series class)  Any slick Burris, any compound

**ALL classes are based upon a 3 kart MINIMUM.  Drivers may be asked to move to another class if the minimum kart count does not suffice but be scored separate.  Classes may also be added to the lineup providing there are 3 or more karts.

***Plated classes: Must keep a copy of birth certificate on hand at all times. If you choose to move up a class on your birthday, you lose all points accumulated and can NOT move back down.

****If you change your motor, you must give it to tech man or owners. After 1st heat, start on tail of 2nd heat. Does not pertain to feature. If you change at start of feature, you will start on tail. 

 ******If you change classes after points have started, you lose all accumulated points in the class your are moving from and will start over in new class.

**********Kids can only run one plated class even if their age overlaps.