Wheelersburg Raceway

                                     2021  SCHEDULE  Tenative                                                                                                                    


2nd-weather permitting             test/tune

9th-weather permitting             test/tune

16th-1st points, may be moved if we don't get any practice in



23rd-points race



30th- points race




7th-Ohio Valley UAS

      points race


14th-points race



21st-points race




29th-(Saturday) Southern Ohio Outlaws will be here!

Memorial Day Race Shootout! Lite, Medium, Heavy and Super Heavy $25 entry. Spread the money..So much for each lap 




      *NON points race for us and yearly parking  is excluded.

11th-points race

18th-points race

25th-Ohio Valley UAS

        points race  

















3rd- (Saturday) 25th Anniversary Race. (cancelled last year due to covid) 4th annual Battle on the Banks! More info to come!  Points race.  Yearly parking excluded


9th-points race


16th-points race


23rd-points race


30th-points race






 6th-Tammy Hall Memorial


13th-points race


20th-points race



28th-Tim Evans Memorial



5th-(Sunday) Labor Day Weekend. 

Lite, Med  and Super Heavy:

$10 for 1st place per feature lap

$7 for second place per feature lap

$4. for third place per feature lap

8 kart minimum, $30 entry


 10th-points race


 17th-points race


 25th-1st Annual Charlie Floyd Memorial! $2099 to win in clone 360#!! see flyer on facebook 

non points race for us and yearly parking excluded 



2nd-(Saturday) "CHECKiN' OUT!" race. Every 1st place will receive a check instead of trophy.

9th-Last Points Race

Track closed for 2021 









•Gates open- 5:00, registration closes at 7:15, drivers meeting - 7:15, hot laps-7:30   


*Gates open-4:00, registration closes at 6:15, drivers meeting-6:15 and hot laps-6:30 

 •Schedule is subject to change•

•ALL races are points races, unless noted--NON POINTS RACE

•Contact Phil or Missy Coleman-

private message on facebook-wheelersburg raceway